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Journey to America

December 4, 2012

By carolineek, Phoenix, AZ

A mass crowd of people are all scattered around like the dots on the ceiling. The brightest rays of the sun are illuminating onto the transparent windows as it is cascading a shadow throughout the city. In the bustling heart of Seoul there lays a leading marketplace that contains thousands of small retail shops ranging from clothes to ancient herbal remedies. This place famously noted for its constant liveliness and diversity is known as the Namdaemun Market. From a distant one can hear the effervescent yells heard from those advertising their latest product, to the faint wind chimes moving impassively in the subtle wind making a harmonious melody. One particular shop completely devoid of the vigor within the surrounding area was a prominent place for the diverse range of insects that were taking shelter in the cracks within the walls, but no people were willing to take a look inside the store.

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