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Communication Arts • Palmyra Middle School: Jayme Geisendorfer    (Continued)

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Did I mention she trusts us with her life? This year our school went to a team-building camp. All of the students and a few brave teachers worked to complete difficult tasks, one of which included trusting the people behind you as you fell backward off a four-foot platform, hoping they would catch you. In my mind I could almost hear Ms. G. say, “Challenge accepted.” She got right up there and fell back into the safety of our arms. I guess, for me anyway, it’s easier to trust someone when you know they trust you.

One of my favorite things about her is the way she listens. It’s not that nosey “tell me more” kind of listening. Instead, she sits there in silence. Occasionally she nods so I know she’s listening, or she’ll pull me into a tight embrace so I can cry on her shoulder.

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