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Little Peace

By Angel B., Grand Rapids, MI

One extremely boring night in my household, my step mom and I were sitting on the couch. I was watching T.V and my mom was trying to finish up a cross-stitch that she has been working on almost two years now, for my step sister, Sam. It’s a momma polar bear and her two babies. To me it also looks like they’re stuck in a snowstorm. She learn to cross-stitch when she was in high school. I thought that was really cool.

“Hey, mom? Do you think you can teach me how to cross-stitch one of these days? I really want to know how to.” I asked.

“Yeah, I would be glad to teach you. When I go shopping at Michaels to get more string, I’ll find something for you to do.” My mom said with excitement.

Two really long weeks later, when I got home from a boring day at school, I walked into my bedroom and there on my bed was a plastic bag.

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