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The Mohawk    (Continued)

Every other aspect of me had ­remained the same when my locks were shorn. I didn’t develop a rebellious or disrespectful attitude, my grades didn’t drop, and I didn’t lose sight of my in­­tellectual pursuits and academic goals. My mohawk did not excuse me from my self-imposed obligations and goals to be an accomplished student and an integral part of my community. Quite the opposite: by expressing any harbored insubordinate desires through the harmless outlet of a simple haircut, I stifled the desire to rebel in other areas of my life. I knew that my choice of hairstyle said nothing about my academic achievements, my manners, or what my mind was capable of.

Although I was aware of this complete lack of internal change, others didn’t catch on as quickly.

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kind of like how people first see me and think I'm a terrible mean person.. when in fact I don't even think of hurting a flie ( unless they're indoors trying to get on my food)
Aug. 08, 2013 at 6:28 PM • Report