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The Pioneers by James F. Cooper -Chapter 22

By CrazyWriter, Lorton Station, VA

"The Pioneers" by James Fenimore Cooper is about the choices of men when they encounter what they need and what they want in this particular chapter. Beginning in a vivid description of a peaceful valley and lake, Cooper disrupts the peace by introducing the Pioneers and their sport. This sport is excessively killing pigeons. Everyone in the settlement who can enjoy this ‘princely sport ‘does so whenever they can but they ignore the negative effects. Leather-Stocking, the wise man, tells the men what their sport had done to the land—killed the life. Leather-Stocking shows the men a way to their guilt as he explains that we should not excessively kill.
The men of the settlement are uneasy about this feeling of guilt but they decide to sport once more. This time, however, the men kill nearly everything in sight.

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