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el Daihatsu This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

Sarah D., Aldie, VA By Sarah.Quinn, Aldie, VA

What is a Daihatsu?
A Daihatsu is wet shoulders;
constantly splattered.
It is windblown hair; uncombable.
It is a green-backed countryside
And ravenous ocean.
A Daihatsu is excessive waving,
Hand movements thrown back and forth.
A Daihatsu is a journey of speed bumps
And a growling stomach,
Climbing hills that grow successively taller.
It is diesel fumes, cow smell, and fresh jungle,
Odors intruding uninvited.
It is horns that blare unceasingly
And the roars of impatient Motoconchos.
A Daihatsu is posters of Presidente Danilo
That appear every 500 feet.
Everyone needs to ride in a Dominican Daihatsu.

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