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Skiing Crazy

By Oelania P, Brooklyn, NY

Powder whipped through my face as I soared down my last ski run of the day. I was as confident as I have ever felt before. My friend’s dad Bill agreed to venture with me on the last run of the day. As part of the sun slowly sank behind Okemo’s peak, we were off. I had decided on the lift up that I would glide down “Hot Dog Hill,” the best terrain park of the mountain. Bill would wait at the bottom of the last jump and I would fly over to him with my skis drenched in powder. I entered the park with wings on my feet, ready for my speedy challenge that awaited me.
I was off as fast as I have ever, before mentally and physically preparing myself for this opportunity ahead. I struck the mount with tremendous speed and skied high and straight with power. I swiftly but elegantly landed and fled off to the 2nd mount.

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