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Force of Nature

January 28, 2009

By ReginaYork, Basking Ridge, NJ

Absolutley not! You can't make me! No gonna happen! No way! There was no force on earth that could make me go where my mother was frantically pointing. Well there was one'
Water is perhaps the strongest force in nature, something that is even more set on its ideas than I am. This is what was proved true at my cousin Kristen's sweet sixteen bash. My brother Joe and I were sitting in the gravel driveway, bored beyond belief. We had nothing to do and were intimidated by the strangers that had taken over my cousin's house. After playing yet another game of 'what shape do you think that cloud is', I stood up and said,
'Joe we are on LBI. We should be going crazy or having adventures or something.' My fate was sealed. So we dragged out the blow up paddle boats from the shed in the driveway and let the adults know that we were going for a float on the bay.

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