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The Knights tale, or A Knights Tale

By ZakMenz, Woodland Park, CO

To adapt a piece of art is to take someone’s craft, and alter it or to build off of it to create a new piece of art. Sometimes a adaptation mimics the original work. Other times the resemblance is so slight that it can be considered completely astray from plot and theme.
This is the case in Brian Hegeland’s film, A Knight’s Tale. Hegeland adapted Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Knight’s Tale,” one of the poems that make up the epic volume The Canterbury Tales. Few of the characters from the epic poem even made it into the movie. The only characters that are noticeably in A Knight’s Tale are Arcita, Palamon, and Emily. These characters are represented as William, Count Adhemar, and Jocelyn. The movie is very entertaining theatrically. Although the movie itself is good, when it is compared to the plot of “The Knight’s Tale,” it deserves a D-.

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