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Reform America's Educational System

By jessibrzezinski, Pewaukee, WI

Dear Mr. President,
Your upcoming term will bring many new opportunities for the United States, including revising current education plans and standards in our country. As a student, I would like to see all children attending public schools have the same opportunities. Excellent schools should include the following: dropout prevention programs, great teachers, and alternatives for struggling students.

Teachers: some of the most important people in America are not given the best privileges. According to, the best way to welcome these talented individuals is by giving them rewards for being outstanding teachers. Funding states that have already enacted or are planning to implement these programs will be your job. Continuing to encourage and support some of our nation’s greatest leaders will lead to success in the public school system.

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Interesting article you should read mine it discusses some of what you stated 
Dec. 11, 2012 at 3:26 PM • Report