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October 29, 2011

By Catiebugg, Plainwell, MI

The days feel like years now that you are gone.
The words I'm used to hearing,
are no longer spoken.
The silence is killing me.
When I look at my hands,
all I see are the empty spaces between my fingers,
where yours fit perfectly.
We we're made for eachother,
not meant to be apart.
I now see that you don't agree with me.
I miss you.
And you don't miss me.
You took my heart, my innocence,
then you got bored with me and moved someone new.
Leaving me broken hearted and fending for myself.
I guess love is a deadly thing.
As I sit upon "our" bed,
my eyes filled with tears,
and I realize....
you've truely left me,


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