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Until Death do us part

By FutureWriter101, Gabarone, Botswana

Until death do us part, or so they say. 
Until death do us part, was supposed to mean something -  when it was declared  on our wedding day. Those words, apparently were untrue. 
For you left me, without a trace or even a clue. 

I then found out why this was the case.
You left me, for a different face. 
I found myself in disbelieve. Then again I felt a small amount of relief. 
For a long time, I noticed that you were unhappy with me. 
But there was a part of my soul that hoped that this would last for eternity. 

What a shame, for I was fooling no one but myself. 
In my case, until  death do us part -  has now been put into an empty shelf. 
I feel betrayed, for you said you loved no one but me.

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