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My Hearts Hollow Hole

June 8, 2012

By windswift, Arvada, CO

I remeber your eyes, and the love they hold,
I would look into them, seeing what they told,
My heart would leap at the very sight of you,
My love for you is real, and will always be true,
I love you so much that yo heal my broken heart,
I wish I would have told you before we split apart,
You gave my life meaning, where there was none,
You came into my life, when I thought it was done,
You melted teh ice, that had covered my soul,
You took yourself, and covered my hearts hollow hole,
Now you're gone, and I never told you,
Told you the I was close to you like so few,
my hears destroyed, you mean the world to me,
And without you I have nothing and will never be free.


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