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For Chace, Forever Ago

August 6, 2012

By Chris P., Glen Allen, VA

Distant angel echoes on vacant railway platforms
Cool summer breeze sweeping through wrought iron pillars
The sounds of the city seem so wandering, so absent
Yet so connected, through trails of sleek steel
Pulsing with every movement of the veins of civilization
Cold cement slabs stretch out endlessly
Illuminated by the pale glow of the overhead lights
Off in the distance the city longs for slumber
Kept awake by every poet and dreamer who inhabits
The endless maze of run down tenements and fire escapes
Looking to the lonely moon, asking for inspiration
But none is found, for the moon is hardly a whisp
When hidden behind a curtain of smoke and clouds
Smoke that trickles from the thin cigarette factory smokestacks
Silhouetted against the pallor of the town

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