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what are true friends?

August 12, 2012

By boricua505, savannah, GA

True friends. Gosh. Their so hard to find these days. Sometimes I wonder the true meaning of friendship. Do they even exist anymore? Why must there be so many fake friends. Friends who stab you in the back, talk behind your back, make you look like crap, who pressure you into things. I honestly wish i could say my best friends where my true friends. I mean sometimes I think they are , but all they ever do is pressure me into things i don't want. Get me in trouble for things i didn't do. And sometimes i wonder are they my true friends. Its amazing how you know someone for your whole life, and they change right before your eye lids. My friends never use to be who they are now. Who are they now? I look back, and wonder what has changed you so drastically? Mom always told me people change no matter what . But, I didn't want them to change.

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