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If you still wonder

August 29, 2012

By Brianna_126, Cincinnati, OH

You lay in your California king alone and stare at the ceiling.
Sleepless nights come with random tears.
Thoughts racing through your mind, please slow down what are you trying to do to me?
Time seems to go slower now these days are slowly passing you by.
Flash backs of the times you two spent together couldn't be anymore clear.
That feeling you felt is no longer there, i know you still wonder "do they still care".
Are they going through what you are right now, do they still feel the same pain are you still flowing through their veins.
You're going insane can't control your brain, i bet you wish you never heard their name.
Sit down take a break you're moving too fast take a deep breath please just relax okay i'll tell you the truth.

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