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For What it's Worth

By BackseatConfessions, darlington, SC


V1) I'll close my eyes and wish you away because the truth is looking at me in the face. Right when I decided to raise the stakes you decided to run away.

Chorus) Tonight don't waste another tear on me because it's not worth the pain. Take my heart and squeeze the pain away so we can make out somehow, someway.

V2) It's three AM and I can't get you off of my mind and this time I don't see a compromise. I think of his lips on your cheek and you wrapped in his arm. that use to be me.

Repeat chorus

Bridge) I promised I would go through all the pain but the time has run out on me. I hope you find the guy of your dreams because you deserve so much better than me.


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1 comment(s)
Melancholy and amazing....I love the emotion and the images :) 
Nov. 22, 2012 at 12:49 PM • Report