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A message from the heart to words

November 13, 2012

Jaebom B., Monroe, GA By Siren, Monroe, GA

Being able to comprehend love, and pain. Is something you can only express from your heart, It’s hard to express it through words. Because sometimes It’s so deep, it’s not enough to explain how you feel. Everyone has different feelings about Love, and pain. Love is something you can’t express with words, It’s so powerful that you can only express it with you and your partner or through actions. It’s the same thing as pain, You sit there in your room bawlin’ your eye balls out for what ever reason you have. You sometimes think “Why me?” or “How did this happen?” The pain is so overwhelming, You just want to hurt yourself. Pain is something that could haunt you for the rest of your life, Like an ex-boyfriend, or ex-girlfriend. You think what happened to me? I used to be so happy and now my life is just, s


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