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Heartache, Heartbreak

By Born2Love97, Louisa, KY

Heartache, Heartbreak
How much from me can you take
How do you hurt me so bad?
Do you like making me so sad?

This has happened so many times
Without reason, without rhyme
Why it happens, I don't know
Without pain I'd be dead though

How do you catch me
Why can't I be happy?
This is getting old
The feeling is just way too bold

I don't get it
Falling in love, you're making me regret it
So tell me
How do you come to be

I'm not made of steel
You can break me, I still feel
When will you give me a break?

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1 comment(s)
i would like to say that i really like this poem and that our english teacher had us do a poem of our own and i done a poem on love and i based it off of your poem, like the rhyming and i just would like to say this poem is really touching.
Feb. 07, 2014 at 11:36 AM • Report