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Monday Blues

November 24, 2012

By lukeraymond, la mesa, CA

You're late my friend it has already begun!
I'm trying I'm trying, I WILL be number 1!
Close that mind it's in the way, we're off to the place where dreamers pay.
Dim down those eyes and with those lyrics be gone! Life is so short why make it a song.
The spindles are rolling so jump in quick.
After all there is no tolerance for even a slip.
Have fear child for it will keep you safe.
Do whats expected and away with your faith.
But I thought... Not Now young man! pipe down and observe.
There is no thought and there are no words.
Can't you see eternity is stuck in the drought of time?
We've fastened this life down to a straight line.
I see you battle for here ruby ruse.
But how can you, without a dollar or two?
Say what I say and what we say is true.
Haven't you heard of the Monday blues?


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