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Weeping Willow

November 20, 2012

By wolf_girl, Concord, NC

Weeping willow can you see?
This small child that’s holding me
Weeping willow can you hear?
That man’s footsteps drawing near

Weeping willow can you smell
The smoke on the man who roams in hell
Weeping willow can you taste?
The blood that trickles from my face

Weeping willow can you feel
The tears from my child’s eyes of teal
Weeping willow will you swear?
To never speak of my despair

Weeping willow, this child, you’ll shield
Within your roots so well concealed
Weeping willow in this dark night
I’ll banish evil within my sight

Weeping willow behind my back
I find the strength I use to lack
Weeping willow in the end
I will not speak to you again


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