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I Love You

November 25, 2012

Josh W., Middleburgh, NY By AegidiusAurelius, Middleburgh, NY

You tell me to walk out that door.
I plead, saying "I need more
Than this cold response for my sore heart."
I tell you that I'm not that strong.
You tell me that it's all wrong,
And my soul cracks at our need to part.

Don't take this the wrong way
But by the end of every day
I find my body is breaking
And my mind is shaking
And I just need to say

I want you,
You're the light breaking on my dawn sky.
I need you,
You're the wings that bring me to fly so high.
I love you,
You give me the strength to fight each day,
You give me a way to know it's okay,

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