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All Which Dies (Can Live Again) This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By scribble_insanity, Royersford, PA

Canvas covered, then erased.
Art created, and destroyed.
Guitar strings plucked in silence.

Syllables formed, not understood.
Words are written, never read.
Thinking thoughts just 'cause we can.

Feelings felt, emotion blinds.
Love is sought, not ever kept.
The faults of being human.

Mistakes we made, prayers unsaid.
Sins committed, unforgiven.
Our God He weeps in silence.

Flesh is cut, blood leaks out.
Eyes wide open, tears stream down.
A body's merely mortal.

The mind is blank, then filled again.
Fire burns, but ashes grow.
All which dies can live again.

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