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Loud Noises This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By NotYourBasicAverage, pittsburgh, PA

Loud noises
Loud noises suffocate me,
I can’t breathe!
Boom! Crash!
who are you!
I thought I loved you!
Your nothing to me!
Boom! Smack!
I fall into a cocoon
And don’t come out, it’ll all be over soon,
Until I fall asleep,
Then I can weep,
For they don’t understand me,
I hear loud noises.
Bark! Growl!
I can’t escape now,
They’re still there,
The loud noises,
Comeon fight me!
What are you scared pansy?
I don’t wanna be,
Be me,
Because I hear loud noises.
Glass shattering,
I look over,
Why isn’t it over?
Soon he’s gone,
With an unconscious… mom?
No, strange woman,
But I have to help her,
Pull it together!
Sirens appear,
And all I hear,
Is loud noises.

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