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November 23, 2012

Felicity F., Elkins, AR By nightseeker, Elkins, AR

Once in a while we actually stop an look around us.
Pull free of our own little worlds and see, what is
happening to us. But our fragile minds away from the fog can’t stand the site of this much loss. So they dive back into their worlds and wrap themselves up in the mind numbing fog. While some remain free they see what we don’t or won’t and struggle to help stop the end of this world. But for all their efforts nothing will change, let the poison called humanity runs it’s course till the world changes back to the what it use to be. The fog of society will crumble and fade, while the gods that we praised turn away as our time fades. They walk away as our world ends, the only tears they will shed is for the end of their praise.
Tear it away and face the day, pull yourself from this uncaring state. Stop this madness before it is to late and the Fates decide to cut the line.

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