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The Prophecy

December 21, 2012

Anonymous, classified, CA By Anonymous, classified, CA

There once was a time,
Where a tree and a lime,
Were together entwined;
Ever, forever,
Until the lever,
Fell from the tether;
They rolled on the ground,
Becoming so browned,
But then with a frown;
They reached for the sky,
To ask someone “Why?”
Then they got fried;
They fell from the heavens,
To meet the McLevens,
And also the Zadvins;
And then came the wizard,
Who made them go *POOF*
And *POOF* goes the rhyme,
Covered in thyme,
With no more time.
Left with the poem;
Right with the prophecy,
“This poem shall suck!”
And it became true…


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