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Kick It

By Mad_Is_On, Brooklyn, NY

I used to be afraid, but now I can go free.
I used to be confined, but now I do as I please.
I used to be restricted by tight jerseys, but now I wear billowing belts.
I used to stay on a grassy field, but now I'm in a musty room.
I used to feel the harsh breeze, but now I rely on my heavy breath.
I used to lack control, but now I do it on my own.
I used to cheer for my team, but now I root only for me.
I used to eat Kisses before the game, but now water is all I need.
I used to be in patriotic hues, but now it's vicious shades to choose.
I used to cry at a wounded knee, but now I embrace the battle scars.
I used to hate the bulky guards, but now I'm thankful for the protection.
I used to despise moving up to the bigger field, but now I'm yearning for the challenge.

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