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Elvis Lives In "Eerie, Indiana" This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Christine L., Brooklyn, NY

   "Eerie, Indiana" is on Sundays, 7: 00 p.m. on NBC, (Channel 4 locally). The show centers on the strange happenings of a small, midwestern town with a "Twilight Zone" appeal. Elvis, Bigfoot, and other interesting creatures, live in this generally weird town, population 1,666.

Omri Katz stars as Marshall Taylor, a young boy who has moved from New Jersey along with his family to Eerie. Marshall is a believable character who adds excitement to the show. He is confused by his new town, yet he tries to make the best of it with his closest friend, Simon (Justin Shenkerow), who is an Eerie native. Simon is used to all the high jinks of the town and tries to help Marshall adjust.

In one episode, Marshall and Simon meet a girl, Sarah Bob (Shanelle Workman), in a hectic diner amidst a group of rough-housing boys.

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