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Mystery Science Theatre 3000    (Continued)

He's built four robots to watch the movies with him (puppets, actually, but excellent looking for robots). There's Gypsy, whose head resembles a robot brontosaur; Cambot, a camera with legs; Swervo, who appears to have been built from a bubble gum machine bubble and a touch tone phone; and Crow, a robot built from brass parts with a long beak for a mouth.

The show consists of first Joel and the robots receiving a message from the two scientists about the film, and then the "Invention Exchange," in which both sides show off wacky inventions they've created. Then Joel, Crow and Servo watch the film and make silly comments and insults during it. There are two intermissions in which the whole gang does quick skits about something in the film (or something they made up), with one final skit in which the scientists get into the act as well.

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