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Album Who I am by Nick Jonas and the Administration

March 28, 2010

By Howler, cerritos, CA

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is one of my favorite artist. I absolutely love him, up until a year ago I didn’t even know who the Jonas Brothers were and then slowly I started to listen to them and now I love them, I listen to the words of there song and are truly inspired. I think they are a great group, but once Nick Jonas came out, the words OH MY GOSH! Shouted out! I was so excited to listen to his new album, every single song was my favorite and I love his work as much as I love his vocals, he has some kind of unique style that I have yet to explain! Its beautiful it really is, he is awesome and a lot of his songs however seemed like they are inspired by ‘one person!’

I swear, and I think everyone knows who that some one is! Its real cute. (haha) Anyhow one of my favorite songs on the album Who I Am would have to be Olive and an Arrow, it’s oh my goodness, just so heartfelt!

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