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Guns N’ Roses: Chinese ­Democracy    (Continued)

Nevertheless, GNR was still the meanest rock band in the country.
“Chinese Democracy,” to put it plainly, sucks. It sounds like Rose couldn't make up his mind about what kind of record he wanted to make, so he threw together a colorful array of genres. “Shackler's Revenge” is pure heavy metal, a head-banger's anthem. And the next track, “Better,” is pop, with several corny melodies. When the album takes a sharp turn from pop to Broadway-rock in “This I Love,” there's only one logical conclusion for listeners: “I guess Axl really is bipolar.”
They say a singer will find only one guitarist he has perfect musical chemistry with in his lifetime. Slash, the original GNR lead guitarist, was Axl's musical soul mate. He put as much expression into his licks as Rose did in his trademark vocal flourishes – which, on a side note, are missing from this album.

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