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The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

By Hiphopqueen, northampton, MA

The Lottery

Have you ever thought about why you do what you do? Maybe it’s having a cake on your birthday, or singing the national anthem at a sports event. The lottery is a short story based on tradition. No one in the town really knows why they keep the tradition of the Lottery. In Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” she critiques tradition through the characters lack of critical thinking, accepting the norm and not questioning the lottery.
No one in the story questions the lottery until you’re the person who has to get stoned. Tessie states just after there family got the black dot “You didn’t give him time enough to take any paper he wanted. I saw you. It wasn’t fair!” (Jackson 4). This also relates to real life situations more than you probably think. Have you ever thought about maybe a food you always have on a holiday such as turkey on Thanksgiving?

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