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We'll Meet Again by Mary Higgins Clark

By ellayy21, Auburn, NY

Suspenseful writer Mary Higgins Clark, has a way of capturing Greenwich, Connecticut on the outskirt of Manhattan in the book We’ll Meet Again. 26 year old Molly Carpenter Lasch lives with the former Lasch Hospital owner and husband, Dr. Gary Lasch. When her husband was found dead in his study after being crushed in the head by a prized sculpture, the news of this event and the arrest of his wife, strike the town with such large surprise. Molly has no recollection of the night she returned home after storming off to Cape Cod to escape her anger from her husband. All though there was no evidence to support Molly Lasch actually killed her husband, she was proven guilty of the murder which left her not seeing her Greenwich home again for over five and a half years.
When the gates of Niantic Prison opened after that five and a half years later, Molly Lasch stood next to the car that she would soon arrive home in, propped her head up, and made a statement, that she does not find herself capable of her husbands death.

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