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The Tree of Life    (Continued)

September 29, 2012

While digesting the motifs and plot branches, I came to realize that the boys' life is not unlike my own. My twin brother and I participate in many similar activities, and I occasionally have the responsibility of steering him toward safety, socially or otherwise. My dad is very similar to the father in “The Tree of Life.” Although not relentlessly challenging, he encourages a habit of practicality as well as deft, aggressive decisiveness. My mom and the mother character are uncannily alike too – wholesome, humble, and brimming with compassion.

This movie's powerful story is conveyed beautifully and elegantly through director Terrence Malick's vision. A few scenes are particularly poignant, especially the “Moldau” scene, during which a montage of childhood is illustrated with the utmost grace.

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