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A Book and Movie Review of The Hunger Games by Christie Lou    (Continued)

The movie, I feel, is a lot different from the book. The good thing about the movie is that they show the game makers more clearly and how the arena works. They show how they made fire to make Katniss stay in the arena and how the dogs were released at the end. The movie is a lot less violent and the action happens a little too quickly for my taste, so there is less suspense.
The Hunger Games is competition to the death between 24 teenagers, 2 from each district, and there is only one survivor. The games started after district 13 rebelled and now the other 12 districts must prove their loyalty to the Capitol. The Hunger Games is held sometime in the future; the actual games take place somewhere in the Rocky Mountains on the west coast of Panem. The twelve districts that are spaced apart around Panem give two tributes between the ages of 11-18, one boy and one girl.

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