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The Lion King    (Continued)

December 3, 2012

Life is going to be tough, but we all have to push through. It’s going to take some bad times, in order for you to have good times, and that is what I think the “Lion King” is trying to teach us. This is a wonderful movie to watch with the family.

Children and adults of all ages will instantly fall in-love with this timeless classic. After you watch this movie, you will be nothing less than satisfied. There are moments of fun and humor, but for sure some moments of guilt and redemption.

It’s an eye-popping thrill, but doesn’t lack the heart. It is a pure pleasure to watch. There will never be another movie that has been more exhilarating than this one.

This is such a breathtaking, stimulating and spine-tingling experience that you will never forget.

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