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Journey To Nowhere

By hannah99, Elkview, WV

A family has to move from theirfarm to New York because Papa thinks it will be better farming. Mem doesn’t want to move. She tries all she can to make Papa stay. Shetries to get her Mom to convince her dad to stay. No one will listen to her. Her grandma gives her a locket with two locks of hair in it. Then cuts a piece of Mem’s hair and puts it in there. Mem treasures it. It made her feel better about moving. Mem and her family pack to move, but they won’t take her horse. They are selling it. That made Mem feel even worse. She begged her Papa to let her come but they sold it and bought a whole herd of bison.

This is an overall good book. I almost lost interest but I kept reading and it got better and better. Mem is a great character in the story. She kept it interesting and fun. She went through some amazing journeys.

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