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Journey To Nowhere    (Continued)

She fell off the wagon and found herself sleeping in a tree. While she was ‘sleeping’ a panther comes along and eats a deer. Mem is scared and crying and the panther hears her and looks around the tree. Mem screams and the panther sees her. After a moment the panther walks away leaving his meal.
In the morning Mem gets out of the tree and walks to the road and finds a restaurant and goes in and talks to a woman that tries to help her. Mem is still scared and doesn’t know what to do.

Mem is scared and wonders around. She has nowhere to go. She doesn’t know what to do. She thinks no one knows she’s gone and no one cared if she is. Mem is confused and hungry from not eating for two days. She hasn’t had anything to drink either. She is lost without her mom and papa.

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