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The Breakfast Club This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

January 4, 2013

By Cristina_DeOliveira, Bellingham, MA

John Hugh’s movie, The Breakfast Club, is a timeless classic depicting five teenagers who because of indiscretions spend their Saturday in detention and battle to release themselves from the stereotypes that other’s have brander them with. Though the era in which this movie was originally filmed is different from the era of today, the scenario of teenagers tackling the struggles involved with high school, introspection, altering the state of and stripping away stereotypes, being rebellious, and ultimately dealing with the fear of judgment are all situations that are themselves timeless. One of the teens, John Bender, is seen going through a dynamic change throughout the course of the film as he strives to overcome the stereotype others have branded him with; his conquering of this challenge in his life is so internally gratifying that it causes him to spontaneously do a victorious fist pump into the air after the completion of his time in detention, and making friends.

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