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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey    (Continued)

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He was better than Ian Holms in The Lord of the Rings, and I liked Ian Holms. He was just as how I imagined Bilbo Baggins as I was reading the book and is the only Bilbo that I want to know. He's likeable, he is fun and he is the underdog of the film and you are rooting for him in this film. Gandalf the Grey returns in this film, as in the last two Lord of the Rings film he was Gandalf the White, and he is more badass than he was in those films (except when he fought the Balrog of Mordath, no one can replace that). One character that some people may find annoying is Radaghast the Brown. I think he was potrayed well, he was just like that in the universe of Tolkien.

We may not get to know all of the dwarves of the movie, but the one that stands out is Thorin Oakenshield. He was everything that I wanted from him when I read the book.

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