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Moonwalk by Michael Jackson

By Cara W., Indianapolis, IN

This book was written by the king of pop Michael Jackson. When Michael wrote the book Moonwalk he was 29 years old in the BAD era.

This book is about Michael Jackson’s life of adventures. He wrote Moonwalk, because he wanted people to see the real him. He wrote about his stories as a child. Like when Joseph would take them to preform late at the night clubs. He also wrote about when he was older like the making of the album Thriller. He also talked about the making of the Wiz with his crush Diana Ross.

The book in my opinion was awesome and his life was a beautiful story, especially coming from Michael himself. I believe Michael achieved goal of us (the fans) seeing the real him. After I read this book it was like my life had changed. I saw him in a completely different way.

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