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"Say It Now" by The Afters

By greenlover101, Uxbridge, MA

“Say It Now”

Has a song ever brought back a thousand memories, good or bad? I have had that happen. The song is called “Say It Now” by The Afters. When I hear that song, I remember all the times I got hurt and suffered through my lost hope. The only thing that got me through was my music. When I went to the hospital, all I wanted was my Ipod and my friends. This song is what I wish I could have said before I went to the hospital. I miss being that happy kid.

There is a line in the song that really gets to me: “If we could only find the words we lost before what we have is gone.” That line says a lot to me because we always regret the things left unsaid. There is often much left unsaid between others. We realize we should have said something when we had the chance, but we didn’t, and then it’s too late.

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