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Mi Niña Bonita by Chino y Nacho    (Continued)

I thank life because it has shown me that good things can come at any time.

I never imagined meeting a person like you or having this feeling for anyone. A love so pure, natural and to anyone; admirable. It’s almost a fantasy full of joy and romance. Who would have even thought that I would fall in love with you and that I wouldn’t be able to live without your love? How would I have known that you were going to be mine and forever? Then it goes on with the chorus “aqui hay amor,” (there’s love here.) I think every single word in this song is exquisite because it just speaks to me.
Even though you might not speak Spanish, you will still enjoy this song. The beat or music to this song is amazing and it really gets you going! The genre of the music is regueton and merengue.

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