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rise of renegade x by chelsea campbell

By Anonymous, kent, WA

Rise of renegade x review
Damien Locke: the main protagonist of the story at the beginning of the book all Damien who’s 16th birthday is when he finds out if he is going to be a super villain like his mother and go to his dream school for super villains as he waited for his thumb to show him a V tragically his thumb showed something that was thought to be only a myth a X on his thumb not only is he shocked that he is not a super villain and he can’t get into his dream school he is angry to discover that his mother slept with a super hero a hero of all things. He then searches for his father and he discovers his father is actually a popular hero named crimson flash then he finds his father and then his father finally meets Damien. Not knowing of his son the crimson flash asks Damien to come live with him and his family and try to turn Damien into a hero instead of a villain.

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