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Apple’s Release of the iPad Mini

January 21, 2013

By Anonymous, Hartland, WI

Apple recently came out with their brand new rendition of the iPad 2, with the iPad Mini. Just months ago, on November 2, 2012, the iPad was released at Apple stores. Why is the new iPad Mini such a catch? The answer: it has an incredible performance.

The iPad Mini has new features. The mini is now the smallest possible iPad and is 23 percent thinner (7.2 mm) and 53 percent lighter (0.68 lbs.) than the original iPad. It’s possible to hold it in one hand.

According to, “We wanted it to be small, but not too small. It had to be big enough to do all the things you love to do on iPad.”

The new iPad is only 7.9 inches tall.

Although the iPad mini is much smaller, the seven-inch tablet has a 35 percent larger screen than the original.

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