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Argeneau/Rogue Hunter Series by Lynsay Sands

By majopau, Quezon City, Philippines

Staring at the dusty midnight blue cover, I hesitated. I already did this a hundred of times for weeks so why do it again. I stared at the cover photo once more - a man was nuzzling a woman's neck that had a bat tattoo on her right breast. I read the title, “Bite Me If You Can” even if I knew it already. Vampires and romance – Am I really going to read this?

Back in the day, this kind of genre is not what you usually see in my shelf. Books like Max Haines’ Instruments of Murder, John Saul’s Punish the Sinners, R.L Steins’ Goosebumps series squeeze through the empty spaces I had. I was a weird kid, romance simply didn’t appealed to me then.

But I was getting bored by the day and getting restless without reading a new book.

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