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January 20, 2013

By writer54321, chatsworth, IL

Young love with a twist. High school social heart-throb, Natalie, gets pared up with a mysterious lab partner in her Chemistry class. Soon, working on science turns into "bowling" together, which leads to long drives in Keith's yellow truck. They talk about their lives, and dreams. Natalie first questions Keith's motives when he informs her he is not going to college, and has no plans for after high school. But when she later finds out everything he has told her about his own life has been one big fake story, she keeps digging deeper to try to find who the real Keith is. Who is this mysterious chemistry wiz who doesn't even plan to attend college. Who is Keith Zetterstrom?
In this 2008 film, starring Jesse McCartney as Keith, and Elisabeth Harnois as Natalie, two high schoolers learn that life will throw unexpected obstacles right in front of you; they learn bad things happen to good people, and not everyone has a happy ever after.

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