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By Abby M, Washougal, WA

Have you ever had a book that you couldn’t let go of? One that kept your eyes glued and your ears completely tuned out of the world around you? If you haven’t, look no further than Found by Karen Kingsbury. Driven by his wife’s dying wish - to find their first born son- John Baxter sets out in a desperate search to unite with his son again. When Dayne Matthews receives terrible news, he questions his adoptive parents faith and tries to search for answers. He is supported by a long-time friend and a girl he can’t get his mind off of, Katy Hart. Will the Baxters find their first son? Will Dayne find the peace he is looking for? Anyone who enjoys romantic, Christian fiction should read Found by Karen Kingsbury because of the many points of view, plot, and dramatic irony.

To begin, the third omniscient point of view is just one of several reasons why Found is a book that anyone who loves Christian fiction should read.

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1 comment(s)
I like how you used the TIE format to write this review. At first I thought this would be a Jodi Picoult like novel (nothing against her) but I wanted something diiferent.  I am alyways looking for a good read and reading this review makes me want to look for it at my local library and check it out myself!
Nov. 16, 2013 at 7:20 PM • Report