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The dead maids by Clare b. dunkle

February 1, 2013

Gabby F., Cincinnati, OH By Gabby1, Cincinnati, OH

The house of dead maids was a thrilling story about a girl that comes to a house and finds some mysteries about the house.
This book was thrilling yet mysterious at the same time. She comes there and thought she was a normal maid in the normal house but more was yet to come. I haven't read a lot of mystery books but in all the ones I have read this would be the best one that I have read.
This book is mostly set in a mansion. The girl ventures around the mansion and finds out things that are unexplainable. a ghost maid keeps on following the girl and giving her clues to stuff the girl doesn't understand.
In this book, in my opinion I think the point is finding why she is there and how she died. It kind of sounds like one of those ghost stories you here all the time about a spirit that is still on earth and it gives clues to one specific person.

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