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By Rachel.N.S, kent, TX

The characters in the book are Hannah she’s 19 and the main character, She dances in Manhattan Ballet. Jacob he’s 20 year old and goes to NYU, he meets Hannah and they have a thing. Matt he is about early to mid-20’s he is a regular to the ballet and starts a thing with Hannah. Bea she is Hannah’s best friend also a dancer at the ballet they have known her since they started in the Manhattan ballet academy. Daisy is a dancer in the ballet and is in the same dressing room with Hannah. Zoe is one of Hannah’s friends they are close but they always are put up against each other and sometimes it puts tension on the friendship. Otto the creator of the ballets and castor of them he runs everything at the Manhattan ballet. Harry a stage help that is involved with Hannah they are friends and he gives her advice.

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